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Dog - Full Day Package - 4 - 30 Minute Visits

Dog - Full Day Package - 4 - 30 Minute Visits


Includes 4 visits - morning, mid-day, late afternoon and evening. Includes a total of roughly 120 min walk/bathroom time, interactive play, fresh water, feeding/treats, brushing, lots of personalized attention. We will split the 4 visit times to your pets' regular schedule (as close as possible.) 

  • Booking and Cancellation Policy

    Minimum 5 day advance booking notice preferred.

    Minimum 2 day cancellation required.

  • Rules and Regs

    For your pets' safety, they must be leashed outside at all times. Exception: Presence of complete yard fencing above or below ground. 

    All dogs must be collared or harnessed with current tags.

    Owner provides all food, treats, toys and medicines.

  • Recommended for...

    This is the perfect schedule for those traveling on business or vacation. It provides a very flexible visit schedule witih plenty of time for interaction and engagement and keeping your pet happy in their home during your absence. 

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