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There are times you need something out of the norm, and that's OK! We happily provide a variety of "different" services. Here are a few, but don't hesitate to ask if you need something special.

​Overnight Stays

See Dogs & Puppies for schedule and cost.

Taxi Services

  • We will transport your pet to and from your groomer or veterinarian using your carrier or one of ours. All pets must be in a carrier or leashed.

  • Travel Cost: $50/hour - minimum charge 1 hour. (Commencing upon pick-up and ending upon return of your pet home. If your pet must stay overnight at the vet, end time will be upon return of the pet professional home.)

  • Professional Fees: You are responsible for fees charged by the groomer or vet. You will need to make arrangements to pay for those services prior to pick-up. Professional fees are not included in the travel cost. We will happily provide the groomer or vet with a check payment. 

  • Call us to inquire and book a taxi service. 

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