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Farm animals

The owners of All Animal Pet Care Services grew up on a farm in Western Pennsylvania, and we are very knowledgeable on the care of most farm animals. Our services include graining/haying, fresh water, let-in/let-out if desired, grooming, if desired, interactive engagement (if they like that), stall cleaning.

Call us to inquire and book your barn visit. 

Chickens: See Cats & Kittens, Domestic, Exotics & Chickens 

Visit Schedule


Fees are based on number of animals and specific needs. Call to discuss pricing for your barn. 

Cost: $50/hour (30 minute minimum fee)  

Additional Charges

Medication admin: $5/per administration (sub-q or muscular, we do not do intravenous)

Holiday surcharge: 1.5x hourly rate

(Have or other domestic pet that needs care? See Dogs & Puppies or Cats, Kittens & Other Domestics tabs for fee breakdown.)

Rules and Regs

  • Owner supplies all food, bedding, grooming, and cleaning implements.

  • In/out on the same day charged as two visits. 

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