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Based in Freeport, PA and Saxonburg, PA

Serving Northeast Pittsburgh communities.

Animals are our passion, and we cater to all furry, scaly, and feathery loved ones! Your home visit includes scooping/cleaning of all cages/litter boxes, freshening food and water, treats, brushing/cleaning, social interaction/play time (if they like that).

Visit Schedule


Cost: $25 - 30 minute visit cover non-dog domestics in one habitat. Additional fee may apply if you have multiple habitats, i.e. hamster cage and cat litter boxes and need cleaning care for all; or indoor cats and outdoor chicken coop. 30 minute visit

Additional Charges

Medication admin: $5/per pet/per administration  (sub-q or muscular, we do not do intravenous)

Add 15 additional minutes to your visit: $10

Holiday surcharge: $15/visit

(Have a dog or puppy? See Dogs & Puppies page for fee breakdown.)

Rules and Regs

  • For your pets' safety, all play/interactive time for non-dog domestics is conducted indoors. 

  • Owner provides all food, bedding/supplies, medications, toys.

Save money by purchasing a 10 or 20 visit package! 10 visits save 10%, 20 visits save 20%. Can be applied to daily full service visits or full day packages.