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Animals are our passion, and we cater to all furry, scaly, and feathery loved ones! Your home visit includes scooping/cleaning of all cages/litter boxes, freshening food and water, treats, brushing/cleaning, social interaction/play time (if they like that).

Visit Schedule


Cost: $25 - 30 minute visit cover non-dog domestics in one habitat. Additional fee may apply if you have multiple habitats, i.e. hamster cage and cat litter boxes and need cleaning care for all; or indoor cats and outdoor chicken coop. 30 minute visit

Additional Charges

Medication admin: $5/per pet/per administration  (sub-q or muscular, we do not do intravenous)

Add 15 additional minutes to your visit: $12.50

Holiday surcharge: 1.5x regular visit fee

(Have a dog or puppy? See Dogs & Puppies page for fee breakdown.)

Rules and Regs

  • For your pets' safety, all play/interactive time for non-dog domestics is conducted indoors. 

  • Owner provides all food, bedding/supplies, medications, toys.

Ready to book a sitter?

Save 10% by purchasing 20 visit package! Can be applied to daily full service visits or full day packages.

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