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Pet Information Sheets

Step 1:

The Service Agreement defines our responsibility as the service provider and your responsibility as the owner. Please read these documents carefully and sign.  


Note: A new service agreement must be completed for each new service period even if you have used our services in the past.  

Step 2:

Download and complete a Pet Information Sheet for each pet "type." If you have a dog, a cat, and a leopard gecko, you will complete the "Dogs & Puppies Schedule," "Cats & Kittens Schedule," and the "Domestic/Exotic/Chickens Schedule." 

Step 3:

Attach your completed and signed schedule(s) to your signed service agreement. You may scan and email the documents to or give to your pet care consultant at the time of his/her initial visit and keep a copy for yourself.

Step 4:

We will review these documents in full at our initial visit.


If you are a repeat customer, we can collect the Service Agreement via email or you can mail it to us at - All Animal Pet Care Services, 173 Washington Street, Freeport, PA 16992 prior to the visit. Be sure to complete a new Pet Schedule if any information has changed. 

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