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Pet Information Sheets
Barn & Farm Animal Schedule
(contact us for forms) 

Step 1:

The Service Agreement defines our responsibility as the service provider and your responsibility as the owner. Please read these documents carefully and sign.  


Note: A new service agreement must be completed for each new service period even if you have used our services in the past.  

Step 2:

Download and complete a Pet Information Sheet for each pet "type." If you have a dog, a cat, and a leopard gecko, you will complete the "Dogs & Puppies Schedule," "Cats & Kittens Schedule," and the "Domestic/Exotic/Chickens Schedule." 

Step 3:

Attach your completed and signed schedule(s) to your signed service agreement. You may scan and email the documents to info@allanimalpetcareservices.com or give to your pet care consultant at the time of his/her initial visit and keep a copy for yourself.

Step 4:

We will review these documents in full at our initial visit.


If you are a repeat customer, we can collect the Service Agreement via email or you can mail it to us at - All Animal Pet Care Services, 173 Washington Street, Freeport, PA 16992 prior to the visit. Be sure to complete a new Pet Schedule if any information has changed.