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Hiring a trusted pet professional is no simple task. There's a lot at stake. You want to be sure your pets receive the same loving care as you provide, that their schedule is kept as close as possible, and that you feel comfortable with the person entering your home. 

  1. First, call or email us to initiate a consultation. Let us know a good number to reach you and the best time window to call.

  2. Take a look at the Purchase Pet Services link to view the variety of services we offer and pricing. 

  3. Next, we will want to talk with you over the phone. During this call we will determine scheduling, discuss your specific sitting needs, types of pets needing care, length of care, completing pet forms, our terms of service, payment options, and scheduling a free get acquainted visit.

  4. Once you're ready to book service, go to Forms and carefully read and sign the Service Agreement and complete your Pet Service Forms.

  5. Most clients elect to give a tip for good service. You can elect to pay your pet consultant in cash, money order, or check at the time of service. 

  6. Prior to the start of service, we will schedule your pet sitter for a free get-acquainted visit. Your sitter will go over your pet information sheets with you, meet and greet your pets, discuss behaviors, entry protocols, and go over any questions either of you may have. 

  7. At the visit - during the visit we will take pics and videos of your pet(s) and will text you a copy. This lets you know we are here and everything is A-OK. If any issues with your pet(s) arise during a visit, you will be notified immediately. 

  8. Services are paid for at the get-acquainted visit or on the first day of service of a service term. You may pay in cash, Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, or via credit card. 

  9. In order to manage our schedule efficiently, we have a strict Booking and Cancellation Policy which is spelled out under each item in Purchase Pet Services. 

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